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Birthday Girl

Birthday Girl

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Jordan and her boyfriend have nowhere else to go when her boyfriend’s dad, Pike, offers to let them move in with him. Working a dead end job and with her relationship on the rocks, she reluctantly accepts, expecting to help out around the house in exchange. What she doesn’t anticipate is for her heart to race every time Pike pulls into the driveway, or for her checks to burn when their eyes meet over the kitchen table. He is kind, he listens to her, and he protects her in a way that no other man has before. Her sister once told her there are no good men, and if you find one, he’s probably unavailable. Only Pioke isn’t the unavailable one, she is. As the days go by, Pike is finding it anything but simple to have his son’s girlfriend living in the house. He can’t stop thinking about her and holding his breath every time they cross paths. It feels like she’s becoming a part of him. Except he knows they’re not free to give in to this. How could they when he’s her boyfriends father?


Author Penelope Douglas

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