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Hot and Unbothered - How to Think About, Talk About and Have The Sex You Really Want

Hot and Unbothered - How to Think About, Talk About and Have The Sex You Really Want

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Author: Yana Tallon - Hicks

While popular culture is saturated with sex, the gap between informed sex education and satisfying sex is vast, and it often leaves LGBTQQ+ individuals out of the conversation entirely. Hot and Unbothered bridges that chasm, giving you explicit permission to think about, talk about, and achieve the pleasure you desire without shame or secrecy.

In Hot and Unbothered, Yana Tallon-Hicks provides a road map to empower yourself and improve your relationships, sharing the unique programs she developed for her therapy clients and workshops. She begins by shattering myths about the unreachable ideals associ ated with "good sex," giving you permission to truly identify your own unique desires and fears, and build the safest space to fulfill your most pleasurable sexual experiences.

When the path to pleasure is cleared, the fun begins! With guided questionnaires to help you discover your sexual needs and interests, as well as insight into how to set your limits, clarify your needs, and communicate your desires to your current partner, Yana reminds you that whether your partner is a lifelong companion or a casual hook-up, your pleasure, com-fort, and identity should always be supported.

Complete with worksheets and exercises, as well as playful hand-drawn illustrations, Hot and Unbothered will help you understand, pursue, and fulfill your sexual desires now and for the rest of your life.

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