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Nepeta Remote Controlled Love Egg with Strong Vibrations

Nepeta Remote Controlled Love Egg with Strong Vibrations

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Reimagined for 2024, the only vibrating love egg you’ll ever possibly need. Cast in a serene pastel purple, is not just an aesthetic marvel; its core is crafted from recycled ocean plastic, uniting pleasure with quality eco-conscious design, classic TNLC.

A vibrating love egg is a sex toy which you glide into your vagina and control remotely, wearable with panties or other clothing, perfect for discreet public play. They work by tantalising the walls of your vagina and g-spot as you scroll through the vibration patterns. Vibrating love eggs are a super versatile sex toy as the strong vibrations can be used to stimulate your clitoris and other erogenous zones.

Nepeta’s formidable motor offers an experience that truly stands out, all while ensconced in our signature buttery-soft, sanitary grade silicone for a seamless glide. The array of 10 dynamic vibration patterns can be controlled at your’s or your partner’s fingertips, with the included sleek rechargeable remote operating efficiently up to 5 meters away, perfect for discreet public remote play; perhaps your partner scrolls through the vibration patterns over dinner, or at a bar…

Nepeta features our whisper-quiet™️ “gentle touch” mode, allowing for a more gentle option to start or finish your self pleasure session. For ease of charging, Nepeta also features our magnetic quick charge system, cable included.

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