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Ruled, An Outlaws Novel

Ruled, An Outlaws Novel

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Despite his magnetic personality, Rylan can’t seem to seduce Reese, the deadly leader of their town of outlaws. Winning her over is a welcome challenge, but her indifference isn’t the only thing standing in his way. If he wants Reese, he must also win over Sloan, her stoic protector. . .

Sloan has always loved Reese, but their painful pat has stolen his chances of a future with her. Rylan’s interest in Reese only intensifies the tension-until Sloan begins to wonder if the reckless man might be the one person who can bridge the distance. . .

the last time Reese fell for the wrong man, she had no choice but to kill him. Now she desperately wants what both Rylan and Sloan are offering. But if she make the wrong call again, she risks losing them both. 


Author Elle Kennedy

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