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Trio, Anal Plug Set

Trio, Anal Plug Set

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Introducing Trio, the ultimate anal plug set designed for everyone. With its varying widths and heights, this versatile collection caters to both beginners and more experienced individuals. ♤

All three anal plugs boast a tapered shape and a flared base, ensuring not only easy insertion but also comfortable wear. Furthermore, they strike the perfect balance between firmness, providing an optimal filling sensation, and softness, guaranteeing a relaxed entry. Additionally, each butt plug features a slightly bendable neck combined with a base that can be conveniently used as a suction cup for added versatility.

  • silky-smooth and odorless butt plug, ensuring a truly luxurious experience;
  • moreover, they are water-resistant, allowing for worry-free anal play during bath time or shower sessions;
  • what's more, their bendable design ensures one size fits all, catering to various body shapes;
  • above all, our butt plugs are perfectly shaped for any gender.
  • crafted with high-quality silicone; latex and phthalate-free butt plug (RoHS passed and FDA-grade), ensuring your safety and pleasure. We recommend using water based personal lubricant such as Honey using silicone device.
  1. small butt plug: 113m * 28.5mm (base is 45.5mm) / 4.5in tall * 1.12in large (base is 1.77in) – 48gr
  2. medium butt plug: 126m * 31.5mm (base is 52.5mm) / 5in tall * 1.3in large (base is 2.1in) – 67gr
  3. large butt plug: 152m * 41mm (base is 62.5mm) / 6in tall * 1.6in large (base is 2.5in) – 127gr

Experience pleasure without limits with Trio, the exceptional anal plug set that effortlessly adapts to your desires, whether you're a beginner or an explorer. Embrace the perfect fit and embark on a journey of new levels of satisfaction.

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