My First Spicy Book

My First Spicy Book

I was around 25 when I read my first spicy book. I really had no clue what was actually going to be in it until I got to reading.


Needless to say to say my mind was blown and I proceeded to have the best sex ever with my boyfriend (now husband).


How did I choose the book?

I was reading every Anne Rice novel I could get my hands on, I also considered Lestat to be my book boyfriend before book boyfriends were a thing.  So basically I was just hungry for more of Anne’s writing.


Enter The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty by Anne Rice.


This book opened my eyes to a whole new genre of books and sex.


I had no idea I would find the idea of punishment and domination so alluring.

However the experience could have gone a completely different direction had I an aversion to those themes.


With so many people writing spicey books now it seems there are endless options!


In my experience it is important to be honest with yourself about what you like, what you are curious to explore and what in a hard red line is for you.


Do I actually want to be awoken from my extended slumber and whisked away to be a sex slave at a princes’ castle?


But it’s still a sexy thought

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