So Many Bells and Whistles!

So Many Bells and Whistles!


The adult toy industry is wacky at best! There are a bazillion different options, colours, textures, motions, sizes the list goes on and on. In the last few years things have improved with more focus on what women actually want and need and not what men tell us we should have.


When I turned 18 I headed straight to the nearest adult store to get myself a vibrator. To say that I was extremely excited would be an understatement!


I had heard my Mom and Auntie talk about Fantasia parties and something called a rabbit that they would giggle about but other than that I was clueless.


So away I went with my best friend in tow, I was determined that I would find out what the giggling was all about.


I was confident pretty much right up until I go in the door….


There were so many options, some of which I had no idea what they were or how they were used! Suddenly I was overwhelmed, anxious and confused.


However there was a sweet lady that reminded me of my auntie there to give me encouragement and answer my questions. At the time I didn’t think much of her help, now looking back I am beyond grateful for her.


Of course at 18 I had very little extra money to purchase the coveted Rabbit, so I ended up with a basic hard plastic vibrator that was literally labeled “ My First Vibe”.

I liked it because it was slim, lightweight and didn’t look like a dick.

I named him Mr.Blue. (At the time I was a big fan of Quinten Tarantino movies and I thought it was hilarious.)


This little guy gave my hand a break and soon I was climaxing faster and more often than ever.




I learned a lot in my time with Mr. Blue. Most importantly how imperative it is to have a fully charged device!


So my suggestion when choosing your device is do your research, and choose something that makes YOU comfortable!  After all you are the one using it 🍑

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